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The Faculty and Staff


SRMPS Mr Sachida Nand Singh, Senior Principal, is a well known alumnus and teacher of St Francis’ College, Lucknow. He was there as a student from 1970 to 1982 and as an English Teacher from 1986 to 1996. He moved on to the Colvin Taluqdars’ College, Lucknow, in 1996 as Head, Department of English & House Master, Avadh House. In 2005, he was employed at the Aditya Birla Public School, Renusagar where he served till 2010 when he was moved to the Aditya Birla Public School, Rehla, Jharkhand as Principal. On April 1, 2016 he joined the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School as Senior Principal.

He brings over three decades of experience with him in some of the most sought after schools in Lucknow and elsewhere. His varied interests include poetry, music, Zen Buddhism, theoretical Physics and theatre.

Principal Junior Wing

SRMPS Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School, Jr Wing, is headed by an experienced Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker, who has a long experience of 25 years in the field of education. He did his post graduation ( M.Com) from Lucknow University and started his career as HOD Commerce from The Aditya Birla Public School, Renukoot and became Principal of a +2 school in the year 2010 of Jaypee Group at Chunar and Churk. Later he became the founder Principal of Jaypee Convent School located at Lucknow Kanpur Highway..

Mr Shanker is a sound administrator and a successful principal. He is very good counselor and has a clear vision about the all round development of the child. The school is progressing in his supervision day by day.

Vice Principal

SRMPS Mr Rajesh Kumar Bajpai, Vice Principal, completed his MSc from the Lucknow University in 1987 and embarked upon his teaching career in 1988 at the Rajghat Besant School, Varanasi. He was also a warden where he had senior students under his control. In 1990 – 91, he moved over to the Doon School, Dehradun as Asstt Master, Chemistry and Associate House Master, Martyn House and worked along with English Master Mr NP Penoli. He returned to the Rajghat Besant school in the next session as Head of Department, Chemistry and In Charge Examinations & Games. He was Hostel Superintendent of all the Hostels.

He served as Head, Department of Chemistry at the Colvin Taluqdars’ College from 1993 to 1997. He was House Master of Nalanda House. He served in various schools in various capacities, from Vice Principal to Principal, until April 2016, when he joined the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School as Vice Principal and Hostel In Charge.

Teaching Staff
  • Dr. Archana Mishra
  • Pinki Arora
  • Arti Srivastava
  • Ruchira Singh
  • A.K. Shukla
  • Amita Banga
  • Reema Sharma
  • Deepali Srivastava
  • Kamta Prasad
  • Neera tayal
  • Neelu garg
  • Vinod Mishra
  • Manoj Kumar Rai
  • Archana Pandey
  • Suhail Choudhury
  • Ashok Kr. Srivastava
  • David
  • Swati Srivastava
  • Vandana Tiwari
  • Mr.Ashok Kumar
  • Ms. Samira Rizvi
  • Ms. Avidha Kulshreshta
  • Nishi Prasad
  • Shraddha Suman
  • Nalini Mishra
  • Nandini Lahiri
  • Kavita Srivastava
  • Garima Gaur
  • Uma Joshi
  • Neerja Tandon
  • Kalyani Mukherjee
  • Venu Rastogi
  • Shambhavi Garg
  • Chinmay Tripathi
  • Safia Asad
  • Shivangi Awasthi
  • Aisha Khatoon
  • Ekta Mishra
  • Purnima Singh
  • PuMs. Ruchi Chawla
  • Mr. Lester Phillip Collins
  • Ms. Prerna Lal
Admin Staff
  • Vandita Pandey (HR)
  • Mr. Nitin Jain (Sr. Admin)
  • Madhvi Nigam
  • Mridula Chauhan
  • Shailendra Shukla
  • Ms.Nivedita Singh
  • Sushil K. Pandey
  • Bhanu P.Singh
  • Upendra Singh
  • Lalita Bharti
  • Durgesh Pratap Singh
Hostel Staff
  • Ashutosh Tripathi
  • Satish Tripathi
  • Vijaylakshami
  • Mr. S.P. Selvam
  • Mr.Ram Laxman
  • S.P. Das
  • Ravinder Mishra
  • Santosh Yadav
  • Satendra Kumar Sing
  • h
  • Ms. Chetna Rastogi
Games Coaches
  • Gopesh Mishra Nis (Basket Ball)
  • Shailendra Singh, National Player (Judo)
  • Shoeb Kamal, Ex Ranji Player (Cricket)
  • Mohdd. Irfan (Swimming)
Infirmary Staff
  • Dr. Ajeet Singh (In House Doctor)
  • Matron Kamla Singh
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