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Sports an essential requirement
Sports an essential requirement
'ALRUWEA'- The Sports Day

"Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

The much awaited Sports Day of SRMPS named 'Alruwea' spanned over 2 days. The Sports meet 2018-19 was held on 21st and 22nd of December and began with great zeal, enthusiasm, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The preparations of these most engaging 2 days had begun much before the days itself. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way and under the able guidance of the organising committee that consisted of all the physical education teachers namely Mr Das, Mr Chaudhary, Mr Anil and also Mr mighty and Mr Selvam who recorded all the results. A special mention for students like Rituraj class 11 Sc. who were instrumental in preparing the field for the relays. Raj kalhans, Iqbal Haidar also from class 11, Shyamrao, Amit Yadav and Kasak class 8 and Himanshi from class 6 were enthusiastically involved in all preparations.

Physically fit students achieve more academically and no doubt sports help them develop a sense of friendliness and Team Spirit. It makes them mentally and physically tough. All of this was very obvious in all the relays and races that eventually took place. The students tested themselves as never before and were cheered profusely by the enthused spectators.

The young achievers were awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals by the Principal and the concerned teachers.

The Primary, Junior and Senior section races comprised of frog jump, cricket ball throw, 50 m race, animal race, long jump, 200m race, 80 metre hurdles race, triple jump, long jump, shot put, 200m race 400m race, 800 m race, javelin throw and discus throw. Championship was awarded to students who got more than 3 medals. They were Dev Vardhan Singh class 1, Chitransh Saxena class 4, Vansh Agarwal class 6, Tanya Singh class 5, Shyamrao class 8, Priyanka Gupta class 8, Saurabh Yadav class 10 and Raj kalhans class 11. The championship trophy Senior group went to Bhaskar house and Junior group to Bose House.

Price distribution ceremony was held at the conclusion of each day. The event concluded with fun races held for teachers which added to the spirit of the event. It regaled the students, spectators and teachers alike as they discovered the child hidden within. The Principal Major Rajesh Ranjit thanked all the parents for their support and encouragement that lent a charm to the event. He praised the endeavours of the students and sportsman spirit displayed by them and also praised and thanked the teachers for stepping out of their comfort zones and getting involved so very enthusiastically in the races conceived for them.

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