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GoJo Learning Online

GoJo is an online learning platform specially designed for Class 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade learners. It aims at establishing a strong bond between its students and teachers through online learning platform. It is an integrated, self- evolving learning platform for modern age learners. This interface allows a learner to flourish with optimum knowledge and functions as one stop solution for all the learning requirement of the learners. It is collaborative and participative.

GoJo is aided with ample material inclusive of Chapters to provide interactive learning, online sessions, assignments, quizzes, topic-wise questions with elaborated solutions, sample papers along with detailed performance reports and carefully designed graded problem sets which develop the unconscious understanding of the learner meant for higher performance in Indian and Global competitive exams. Apart from this, highly skilled and experienced teachers are available to guide the learners and solve their problems in real time. Thus, the platform helps in creating an exceptional distinction in the field of academics.

GOJO does not have static content; it is regularly updated as per the feedback and learning needs of the learners.

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