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We encourage those students who are ready to take up challenges
We encourage those students who are ready to take up challenges
*"SRMPS Takes Home Bronze in Thrilling Sports Carnival Showdown!"*

The Uma Devi Children Academy in Mohammadi, District Lakhimpur Khiri, organized a vibrant Sports Carnival on October 15, 2023, which witnessed enthusiastic participation from 17 schools across Uttar Pradesh. The event aimed to promote sportsmanship and healthy competition among the youth of the region. One of the highlights of the Sports Carnival was the Volleyball tournament. *Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School* displayed remarkable sportsmanship and talent, securing a well-deserved *3rd place in the Volleyball competition*. Their impressive performance not only showcased their dedication but also earned them a position of pride in the tournament.The Umadevi Children Academy played an instrumental role in providing a platform for these young athletes to showcase their skills and dedication.

The Sports Carnival of October 15, 2023, will be remembered as a day of celebration of sports and camaraderie, and it left a lasting impression on all those who attended. We look forward to future events that will continue to promote sports and unity among schools in the region. Principal of Umadevi Children Academy expressed gratitude to team SRMPS for coming and taking part from a distant place.

Volleyball Tournament 2023
Volleyball Tournament 2023
Elocution Extravaganza: Fostering Oratory Excellence Among House Competitions.

*"Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he."*
In a recent showcase of eloquence and articulation, students from various houses engaged in a spirited elocution competition, leaving the audience captivated and inspired. This event not only highlighted the diverse talents within our school but also underscored the invaluable skill set cultivated through the art of elocution.

Elocution, as demonstrated in the competition, serves as a powerful medium for students to refine their public speaking abilities. Participants not only learned the importance of effective communication but also honed their skills in vocal modulation, clarity, and expression. This experience is invaluable, as it equips students with a proficiency that extends far beyond the stage, proving essential in their academic and professional journeys.

The activity at *SRMPS* served as a platform for the development of crucial life skills, ensuring that our students emerge not only as knowledgeable individuals but also as effective communicators ready to navigate the challenges of the future.

Elocution Competition 2023
Elocution Competition 2023
Elocution Competition 2023
Elocution Competition 2023
Sonata 2023

Dated 12:10:2023

*"Breaking Records: 50 Schools ,1200 students Unite at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School, Sonata-2023-24"*

"Sonata," an annual inter school competition hosted by SRMPS ,witnessed a spectacular blend of our cultural heritage through the performances.

The school's revered founder, Shri L. N. Agarwal Ji, along with Director Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal Ji and Mrs. Shruti Agarwal Ji, firmly believe that such events encourage and give a platform to students to showcase their talents.As a testament to their commitment to innovation,a captivating new category MIME ACT was introduced. Here the tiniest of students from various schools took stage. Chief Guest ,Shri Yogesh Shukla ( MLA ,Bakshi ka Talab ,constituency) encouraged students through his words. The Dean of Bhatkhande University Mr .Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai also graced the occasion. The day commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, setting the stage for a mesmerizing series of performances by the students.

Highlight of the day was the spectacular performance by the school's very own band, an act that garnered accolades from both the discerning jury and the enthusiastic audience. Additionally, the wordless mime presentations by the students of over 25 pre-primary schools left everyone spellbound, touching the hearts of all in attendance.

As the day drew to a close, the winners of the program were duly recognized, and certificates and mementos were graciously presented by Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal Ji, the school's Principal,Mr. Anurag Upadhyay and other esteemed dignitaries. The evening concluded with heartfelt wishes for the bright futures of all students from the honored schools in attendance.

This event was a true testament to the power of art and culture, bringing together talent, creativity, and the spirit of camaraderie in a grand celebration.

Football Match

“It’s not about the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”

Discipline is a key element in developing and maintaining motivated hard working footballers and united teams and it is the most important attribute needed to achieve any type of personal or athletic excellence. Our coaches, Mr. Sibo Prasad Das and Mr. Sohail Choudhary have an array of enthusiastic players to choose from as talent thrives in SRMPS! Our college football team comprises of;

  1. Gaurav Singh
  2. Vivek Singh
  3. Abhishek Singh
  4. Ajay Chauhan
  5. Shaurya Singh
  6. Abhishek Pathak
  7. Abhay Yadav
  8. Abhishek Yadav
  9. Iqbal Khan
  10. Ashutosh Singh
  11. Tanishq Agarwal
  12. Raj Kalhans
  13. Rahul Kumar
  14. Sumit Gupta
  15. Manas Agrahari
  16. Pulkit Mishra

The team participated in Capt. Manoj Pandey PVC Memorial Football Tournament at Sainik School, Sarojini Nagar on 18th August 2017.

The first match was played against DPS Indira Nagar. Our college team won by a convincing 3 goals to Nil score. The second match played against Army Public School, S.P.Marg, turned into one about survival of the fittest and we lost by a solitary goal and thus eliminated from the tournament.

Learning the meaning of team spirit, sportsman spirit in the true sense, planning and strategizing are areas that too need strengthening. Such events, where enthusiasm and high level of energy amongst students is witnessed, result as a good break for them from their hectic routine.

Our team was distraught that they lost, but nevertheless encouraged for their laudable performance!

Moot Court
The SRMPians witnessed a very unique event which was held on the 15th of July in the school auditorium. The newly introduced event, mainly suggested by MR.Principal S.N.Singh, proved a very successful one as the school audience maintained discipline and remained engrossed throughout physically as well as mentally.

The Unsolved Aarushi murder case was designed by the four prosecutors and four defence lawyers as the school is divided into four houses. During the trail more emphasis was given to argument than to the actual happenings.

The jury comprised Mr.S.N.Singh, Headmistress Archana Mishra and Librarian Miss Neerja Tondon.

Points discussed by the prosecution had heavy weight and was presented in a very impressive manner. Further, the defence lawyers gave vehement logic against the prosection. Nature of arguments from both the sides were quite factual. The trail began with the compliments of Honourable Principal Sir. During the trail the court was adjourned for two minutes giving it a picturesque touch.

Miss Amisha

Rajvanshi from prosecution and Tejasvi Rana were declared as the best orators.

However, it was a very unique event at school level. It ironed the creased mental stress due to its novel nature.

Arti Srivastava

Talk on Adolescence

Dr. Amita Pandey , MBBS, MS, DM(Medical Genetics) and Professor in KGMU visited us last Saturday . She is also a complex master trainer for SIFPSA related programmes and FOGSI and EMOC trainer . Her field of work is ‘Clinical Genetics’, infertility and many more . She also has two fellowships to her credit .One is from Pennsylvania and the other from New York .

Though she has a string of achievements to her credit , she was extremely humble . She spoke on ADOLESCENCE and addressed students from class 9 to 12 and spoke separately to the girls. Mental and physical rebellion, that teenagers develop was touched upon . They discussed few things that they cannot discuss with parents and teachers .

Another taboo was discussed , namely “the opposite sex” and attraction towards them . She spoke about evils like drugs and other such body abuses. Though , complexity of content was tricky , she managed them all in a friendly manner.

She did not lecture a bit . Instead, she seemed like someone everyone could approach . A shoulder to cry on, she was someone to cajole them, when the world stepped back .She was more of a friend, and marked off all questions our teens google or discus with friends . She clarified most doubts and hesitation filled questions .

She spoke to the girls separately and they posed all types of questions to her. Dr. Pandey clarified the nitty grittes ,they wouldn’t dare ask in front of the boys . Everyone loved her . How and why girls make mistakes during the teen years , and its aftermath were explained in lucid words

All in all , she came in as ‘ Gabriel’ to the students.

Out in out , the children , staff and our dear Principal loved her .

The talk opened the teen’s eyes’ about “attraction to the opposite sex “ to be normal . The students were quite relaxed after that .

We at SRMPS are ever so grateful to Dr. Amita Pandey and were fortunate enough to have her talk to us . We are also extremely grateful to our Principal for having arranged a stunning activity on a rainy Saturday

Prerana Lal
(TGT English and Chemistry )

The SRMPS’ Turncoat

Turncoat is a form of debate where the speaker literally debates against himself. The speaker starts by taking a stance on the topic and switches sides after a specific duration of time.

The auditorium of SRMPS witnessed one such exhilarating Inter- House Competition on 5th August 2017. The enthusiasm and zeal with which the students participated in the contest totally served and fulfilled the purpose of such ‘Speak Up’ contests; development of skills like confidence of delivering organized thoughts, with poise in front of an audience. The competition was carried on with a friendly and competitive spirit. The sequence in which the participants came was; Abhijeet Singh and Rajveer Chawla Aryabhatt House, Vaiditri Gupta and Gayatri Vaish Bhaskar House, Avantika Verma and Tejasvi Rana from Bose House and Darsheel Singh and Ria Jaiswal Raman House. Each participant had to speak for one minute, half a minute for and half a minute against the topic.

They were a team of spirited and motivated speakers and had prepared their script with much dexterity. But as it was all compitions have to have the winners; the first position was rightfully coveted by Darsheel Singh(Raman House), second position was taken away by Tejaswi Rana(Bose House) and at the third place we had Abhijeet Singh(Aryabhatta House).

The competition ended with a humungous round of applause.

Sonata – A Musical Rendition organized at SRMPS

As truly said by the Bard of Avon – Shakespeare, “If music be the food, ……. SRMPians play on……..” The dawn of 21st October filled the quads of SRMPS with rhythmic cords. A note of humming was heard from every corner. It was the commencement of a three days event – SONATA – an inter school singing competition.

SRMPS is organizing this even since 2008 providing a platform to the young talents in the field of singing. This year the event is categorized in three categories - Western, Indian and Rock Band. Day 1 was dedicated to western music. Around 11 schools participated in today’s event. The participating schools CMS, Jagran Public School, GD Goenka etc. total 14 teams participated and set the stage on fire. The young performers displayed their talents in solo and group. The songs like “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you”, “Everything at once”, “Roar”, “One love one heart” made the soul of the audience.
The event was inaugurated traditionally by lighting of lamp by the honorable chairman and directors of the school Ms. Pooja Agarwal, Ms. Shruti Agarwal along with the Principals Mr. Sachidanand Singh and Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker. The performances were judged by two eminent personalities of the world of music - Mr. Saumyasheel Malviya and Mr. Ricky Singh, both known for their befitting performances. The event left the audience spellbound.

The prizes are as follows:

Junior Solo
First Position – M.R Jaipuria (Goel Campus)
Second Position- Modern Academy
Third Position- G.D.Goenka Public School

Junior group

Senior Solo
First Position – SRMPS
Second Position- Modern Academy
Third Position- G.D.Goenka Public School

Senior Trio
First Position – Modern Academy
Second Position- SRMPS
Third Position - STUDY HALL

Senior Group

The audience was mesmerized by the mystic performance. Now the wait is on for Day 2 of the event .

Sonata Day 2

;An amalgamation of Music, food and much more….

The music fever continued on the second day of Sonata – An inter school vocal music competition hosted by Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School. The day was dedicated to the soulful Indian music. A lot of zeal and fervor was witnessed. A lot of schools across the city like GD Goenka, CMS, MR Jaipuria, LPS, Amity International Central Academy, Greenland Public school, have participated. The competition was categorized in Jr. Solo, Jr, Group, Sr. Solo, SR. Group, Duet and Informal.

Many dignitaries of vocal music have witnessed the portrayal of young talent. Today’s event was inaugurated by Mr. Kishore Chaturvedi a renowned Bhajan Singer and the event was judged by Kailash Joshi ,Mr. Anand Tripathi and Kumar Gaurav Singh and the honorable chief guest. The chief guest had filled the atmosphere with spirituality by singing a devotional song. The entire audience was flabbergasted with the power packed performances of the chief guest and later, of the young vocalists. The songs like Ali morey Angana, Aaoge Jab tum Saajna had touched the souls of the audience.

Along with this mega musical event, SRMPS had also organized a Fete, the sole purpose of which is to help the people in need as the money earn in fete goes to charity. The fete was inaugurated by the honorable directors of the school – Ms. Shruti Agarwal and Ms. Pooja Agarwal along with the principals – Mr. Sachidanand Singh and Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker. The fete was open to each visitor. A huge crowd was seen at all the stalls. Other than the eatables, there were a lot of games stalls and other activities in the fete so the audience could relax themselves as it was the day long program.

As the clock struck 4 in the evening, heart beats of the participants started rising as it was the time when they actually would come to know the result. All of them were sitting with their fingers crossed. It was a cut- throat competition so it was really not easy for the judges to decide the winner.

The first prize in Junior Solo
1st MR Jaipuria Gomti Nagar
2nd MR Jaipuria Goel Campus
3rd Modern Academy

Jr. Group
Winner -CMS Mahangar
Runner up SRMPS

Indian Solo Senior
1st position- LPS Jankipuram,
2nd Position –G.D.Goenka Public School,
3rd Position - MR Jaipuria Gomti Nagar

Indian Duet Senior
1st position- Modern Academy
2nd Position – SRMPS
3rd Position – CMS Gomti Nagar EXT

Indian Group Song Senior
Winner SRMPS
Runner up LPS Jankipuram,

Senior Informal
Winner- MR Jaipuria , Gomti Nagar

Overall winner
MR Jaipuria – Goal Campus
Runner up- SRMPS.

The visitors tasted both – food and music simultaneously. Now all the eyes are set on the final day of this mega musical event.

SONATA 3rd Day 23/10/2016

The Astonishing Rock Show on the Final Day of Sonata

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. This saying holds true for all the participants on the third day of Sonata. The third day of mega musical festival was dyed in the wool of rock music. The show commenced in the afternoon of 23rd October. The chief guest was Professor M.S. Sodha, former Vice Chancellor , Lucknow University. He was welcomed by the Principal Mr. Sachidanand Singh.

The evening was further graced by the presence of honorable chairperson of SRMPS Mr. L.N Agarwal and the directors Ms. Shruti Agarwal and Ms. Pooja Agarwal. Ten schools participated in today’s Rock show inclusing MR Jaipuria, Modern Academy, Central Academy, Study Hall and many more.

A lot of enthusiasm was seen in all the performances. The young talents changed the mood of the audience. The warmth of their music suppressed the warm weather. Each nook and corner was filled with the nodes of guitar, drums, and keyboard. The songs like humma humma, Zara Zara, O haseens Zulfu wali ….. mesmerized the audience who could not take their eyes off the stage. The rocking performance was judged by Mr. Ashutosh Singh and Mr Swadesh Ranjan. They were overwhelmed with the performance of each participant and appreciated them.

The last day of Sonata – the mega musical event was important as the prizes were also given to the winners. Each participant was awarded the participation certificate and the trophies were also given to the winners. It was an evening which has laid the imprint in the mind and soul of the audience.

The music fever continued on the second day of Sonata – An inter school vocal music competition hosted by Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School. The day was dedicated to the soulful Indian music. A lot of zeal and fervor was witnessed. A lot of schools across the city like GD Goenka, CMS, MR Jaipuria, LPS, Amity International Central Academy, Greenland Public school, have participated. The competition was categorized in Jr. Solo, Jr, Group, Sr. Solo, SR. Group, Duet and Informal.

Many dignitaries of vocal music have witnessed the portrayal of young talent. Today’s event was inaugurated by Mr. Kailash Joshi and was judged by Mr. AnandTripathiand Kumar Gaurav Singh and the honorable chief guest. The chief guest had filled the atmosphere with spirituality by singing a devotional song. The entire audience was flabbergasted with the power packed performances of the chief guest and later, of the young vocalists. The songs like Ali moreyAngana, Aaoge Jab tum Saajna hadtouched the souls of the audience.

Along with this mega musical event, SRMPS had also organized a Fete, the sole purpose of which is to help the people in need as the money earn in fete goes to charity. The fete was inaugurated by the honorable directors of the school – Ms. ShrutiAgarwal and Ms. PoojaAgarwal along with the principals – Mr. Sachidanand Singh and Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker. The fete was open to each visitor. A huge crowd was seen at all the stalls. Other than the eatables, there were a lot of games stalls and other activities in the fete so the audience could relax themselves as it was the day long program.

As the clock struck 4 in the evening, heart beats of the participants started rising as it was the time when they actually would come to know the result. All of them were sitting with their fingers crossed. It was a cut- throat competition so it was really not easy for the judges to decide the winner. The first prize in Junior Solo was bagged by MR jaipuriaGomtiNagar , Jr. Group -CMS Mahangar , Indian Solo Senior – LPS Jankipuram, Indian Duet Senior – Modern Academy, Group Song - SRMPS, and Informal – MR Jaipuria , Gomti Nagar. Overall winner was MRJaipuria – Goal Campus followed by the host SRMPS.

The visitors tasted both – food and music simultaneously. Now all the eyes are set on the final day of this mega musical event.

Rangoli Competition

SRMPS Lucknow organized an Inter house Rangoli making competition on 27th October, 2016. Rangoli is an art which precedes sculpture and painting. It is both an auspicious and a preliminary necessity in any religious ritual. The two aims of drawing rangoli are revelation of beauty and the acquisition of auspiciousness. Rangoli making is a ritual that reflects the Indian culture and traditions, and the competition was held to mark the beginning of an auspicious festival of our country- Diwali. The children had an opportunity to display their innate creative talents through this competition. Their spontaneity and creativity was put to test when they were required to come up with attractive designs for rangoli, without prior notice or practice. Group effort, team spirit and individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the colour combinations and presenting the final rangoli designs- made the day for the winning teams. The houses, Aryabhatt, Bhaskar, Bose and Raman had four participants each. From Aryabhatt house, Ananya, Amsah, Shivang and Tapasya participated. Bhaskar house had Ayushi, Nancy,Ritali and Ayush showcasing their talent. From Bose there were Ishani ,Anushka ,Divya and Darshita while from Raman house there were Shreya, Nehal, Navya and Astha . Students from all the houses participated with utmost zest and enthusiasm. They drew beautiful and colourful rangolis, depicting the spirit of oneness and to value the faith in one another’s religion. The honorable Director judged the enticingly beautiful Rangolis and crowned Raman house as the winner, with Bhaskar house as the first runner-up followed by Bose and Aryabhatt. The competition ended with a festive note and everybody really enjoyed the day.

Young ‘Independent Buddies’ Grooming Activities at SRMPS

Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself. Believing on this motto the young students of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial School were trained by their fellow students. Various recreational and useful activities like ‘Pack your bags’, ‘Arrange your clothes’, personal hygiene, sanitation and grooming etc. were taken up. Students participated with great verve and excitements. It was fun and frolic to see young kids behaving as self dependent and responsible individuals. Tiny Tots of classes I-V were busy like bee. Excitement and smile was visible throughout the day.

It was a great day as students were brimming the entire day. They packed their bags, arranged their beds, put their clothes properly. All these activities form the crux of a boarding school. Students inculcate some very useful habits which make their life systematic and coherent. Personal hygiene and grooming was superb. Day boarders students were amazed to see the amount of work boarders do everyday with ease. All the teachers supervised and encouraged the tiny tots. In short it was a day of happy note for all the students.

Mehndi Competition held at SRMPS

Art is said to be the most elaborate expression of creativity. With this belief an Inter –House Mehndi competition was held at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public school. Bright faces of the students were telling the story of excitement and enthusiasm for the event. Beautiful and ornate mehndi was applied by little geniuses of the school. Girl students in particular were full of new designs and patterns. Each participant had shown remarkable novelty and conceptual knowledge of the art. Winners were selected by a panel of experts. On the event Principals of the schools were present. Their presence had boosted the enthusiasm of the participants. It was a day of great excitement. Winners were given certificates by the Principals Mr Avani Kamal.

Creativity with Waste Material

The primary, junior and senior sections of SRMPS participated in Collage Making competition on Saturday, 2nd August 2014. The topic was ‘Sawan’ and students displayed unique sense of creativity, touching all aspects related to the sacred month. The skill and potential using waste material for making the collage was the most essential feature of the competition. The purpose of this was not only to extract the hidden skills, but also to update them with Indian mythology and traditional values.

Inter School Spell Bee Competition

Manav Srivastava of Class IV won 2nd prize in Inter School Spell Be Competition held at Lucknow Public Collegiate on 3rd-September-2011.

Inter School Swimming Competition

On 13th July 2010, there was an Inter School Swimming Competition held at Sherwood Academy, sponsored by Yugant Foundation. There were nearly 8 schools participating and their names are as follows:-

  1. Sherwood Academy
  2. City International
  3. Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School
  4. Wisdom Way Public School
  5. Delhi Public School
  6. H.A.L.
  7. St. Dominic Savio College and
  8. Study Hall

D.P.S (Delhi Public School) was the overall winner of this competition. We were proud to be the runner up team and one swimmer of our school i.e. Prashi Agarwal won 2 gold medals and she was also felicitated as the best swimmer amongst the girls. We are very thankful to our coach, Mr. Anirudh Chauhan who prepares us for such competitions and we are also thankful to Principal Ma’am who allows us to participate in such competitions. We were very proud to represent our school in this competition and from this competition we have learnt our mistakes and now we will keep trying to overcome those mistakes and try not to repeat them in future competitions.

Akshay Mittal

Art Competition

Organized by Amar Ujala

On 5th of August, late during the day we came to know that there was an Inter School Art Competition organized by Amar Ujala in their main office building which is in Gomti Nagar. It was news of joy for us students. We selected some of our students and provided them with necessary equipment, which they required for the competition. We also gave them a few tips which would prove to be helpful for them in the competition. On the way to our destination, the conversation of the children was a thing which was a source of entertainment for me. All the students who were participating were anxious and discussed about the topic they would get and the different and innovative ways in which they would represent the given topic. Finally we reached the office building and inside we met students who had already arrived from different schools. Then all started putting down their imagination on paper according to the given topics. Every school was allotted a different room and a fresh white sheet to rule out the possibility of any unethical tactics. The topic ‘Paint your Nation’ was given to the students on the spot which was duly explained by the lady in charge. Through their paintings, the students had to convey the idea of nationalism and patriotism. All the students began to draw and color and captured the sentiments of an Indian towards his country. They also depicted the natural beauty of the country. The children also through their sincere efforts tried to bring forth the pain and joy faced by the freedom fighters during and after the struggle. To my surprise the children put in efforts to do all this in a poetic way and they were quite successful in this endeavour. There was no declaration of results on that day but only our school students were asked to pose for picture with their final piece of creativity. The whole experience was very enriching for all of us. We wish to go for more such events where the creativity of children can get a platform to showcase itself.

Tulika Hati
(Art Teacher)

Horlicks Wiz Kids

Venue Ravindralaya (Charbagh)

On the 7th of August’10 our senior music team participated in the Horlicks Wiz Kids. Horlicks Wiz Kids is South Asia’s largest hunt for outstanding students who have a good balance of character and competence. The competition was held on National level as schools from 4 countries, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India, participated in it. Our students took part only in the musical melody category. Around 48 schools participated in the group singing category. The competition was tough. Our students performed the song ‘Jhoomo Re’ by Kailash Kher. Our students won the hearts of the crowd and the judges. They came second in the competition, which was indeed a wonderful achievement because this was the very first time in the history of our school that the children had won a prize in a National level music competition. It was a very good learning experience for the students to be a part of the Horlicks Wiz competition. The school team was praised and their efforts were applauded.

David (Music Teacher)

Swimming Competition

Venue: Study Hall

We went to Study Hall (Gomti Nagar) for a swimming competition. The event was managed by the Sports Network of India. It was held on 18th of August’10. Over a 100 students from 6 prominent schools of the city took part in the event. The schools were namely La Martinere Girls College, La Martinere Boys College, Study Hall, Jaipuria School, Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial Public School and Wisdom Day School. The competition was held in three different categories for boys and girls separately. La Martinere Girls and La Martinere Boys won in the junior category. Abhay Yadav from S.R.M.P.S. won the championship in the primary level and was awarded with a trophy and a Reebok watch. Three best students among girls were awarded mobiles and watches for their performance. Our school was the overall champion in the primary category. Agrima Verma, Sanchita Singh, Soumya Singh and Devyanshi Singh of SRMPS participated in 4x25 free relay and bagged the silver medal. Abhay Yadav got three gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal. In all our school won 26 medals. At the event, first we qualified through the heats for the final event. The school proved to be very good hosts and left no stone unturned in making their guests comfortable. We rested there till 2:30 p.m. and were served with snacks. This was one of the most exciting and probably the best competitions we had participated in.

Agrima Verma (Class 5)

Soccer Safari of SRMPians –Jagran Cup

SRMPians got the first chance to showcase their soccer skills in Jagran Public School, Gomti Nagar. This tournament was conducted from 19th of September to 30th of September. The progress of SRMPS in the match was as follows: Match I: SRMPS vs RLB Sarvodaya Nagar, SRMPS won 9-0 Match II: SRMPS vs Central Academy, SRMPS won 6-1 Match III: SRMPS vs HAL Lucknow, SRMPS won 5-2 Match IV:Semifinal, SRMPS vs RLB sector 14 Indira Nagar, match was tied till full time so penalty shootout was taken in which we lost 4-5.

NOTE: Mukesh Kanojia of XII (Science) was declared the best player of the tournament for scoring the highest number of goals in the tournament. He scored 10 goals in the whole tournament and was awarded the golden boot.


Venue: Dilkusha Park, Lucknow

The Coca Cola Football Cup was a very good chance for our junior boys to showcase their talent. In the first match SRMPS defeated DPS Eldeco by 4-2. In the second match, we defeated Children World Academy 6-0. Then we played the semi final match against La Martinere Boys, we lost 0-2. Two of our team players, Saurabh Sonkar of class VII and Shivam Jalan of class X got selected for the coaching camp for the state team but due to the busy schedule of the CBSE clusters and various other clusters, they could not attend that coaching camp.

CBSE East Zone Swimming Competition

Venue: Ghaziabad

‘Try and fail but don’t fail to try’

Swimming is a sport in which our body should be flexible, and to be flexible it needs exercise. Every sport wants a lot of practice and betterment. Swimming also demands all of it. Swimming is a sport of individuals. We have to pay a lot of attention to the stroke. The CBSE East Zone Swimming Competition was organized at Ghaziabad. Our swimming coach, Anirudh Sir took try outs for this competition and 22 students were shortlisted for the competition. We practiced with a lot of dedication and finally the day for the competition arrived.

It was 22nd September, and we had to take the night train for Ghaziabad. Without much hassle, we reached Ghaziabad the next morning. The school which was hosting the event was DLF Public School. The competition started on 24th of September but it was our hard luck that some of our students could not get any medals. Our girls’ team won a gold medal in the medley relay and, Akash Verma won a silver medal and qualified for nationals. After the competition came to an end, we proceeded to Delhi for relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day. That night we hurried to the station to catch the train. We arranged our luggage and took our seats and the next morning, were back home. The school vehicle was waiting outside and it brought us back to school. Our school welcomed us at our arrival. It was a great experience for all of us.

Abhishek Jain
(Class IX – C)

CBSE Volleyball Cluster IV (Girls)

Venue: Ara, Bhojpur

On 6th October, we stepped forward to embrace success and victory. CBSE volleyball cluster IV was organized by DAV Public School at Ara, Bhojpur from 7th October to 9th October, 2010. It was organized for boys and girls under 19 years of age. We were accompanied by our coach Mr. Rupesh Yadav, Mr. Puran Singh and Ms. Amrita Singh. Many CBSE schools participated in this cluster and our team was one of them. Among the girls, the four participating teams were, SRMPS, New Way Lucknow, Sun Beam Varanasi and Sant Atulanand Varanasi. On the 7th of October, the opening ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. Chauhan an army officer, who was the Chief Guest for the event. Our first match was on the 8th of October with New Way, Lucknow and we won the match. Our second match was with Sant Atulanand and we won this match through sheer determination. Our third match was with Sun Beam Varanasi. Our winning streak continued and we won this as well and reached the finals. Due to the good leadership of Vertika Singh and sincere efforts of all the team members, we made a mark for ourselves. The unconditional support of our coach and managers was also instrumental in our victory. Our final match was on the 9th of October with New Way, Lucknow. The final match was a tough fight. We won the first set but unfortunately lost the second. But we came back strongly in the third and the fourth set, thereby winning both the sets and hence the match. With this victory in the finals, we completed our hatrick, we had qualified for Nationals for the third time in a row. The moment was full of joy and pride. Our team will do something good in the nationals and we will make SRMPS proud of its volleyball girls’ team.

Priya Singh
XII (Science)

CBSE Basketball Cluster IV

Venue: Rani Laxmi Bai Sr. Sec. School

It was a bright Thursday morning when we woke up to get ready to participate in the CBSE basketball cluster. It was our very first year when we were going to participate in the CBSE basketball cluster. We were trained under the guidance of our coach Mr. Abhishek Dixit and Mr. Kamal Joshi. There were 48 teams participating in the competition. The competition was held from 7th of October to 10th of October 2010. We were all very excited and reached the venue. Our team participated in the March past in which the school flag was carried by our team captain Shubham Agarwal who also took the oath to play the game in the true sportsman spirit, on the team’s behalf. We had our first match with RLB, Chinhat. Our team won the first match with the efforts of the whole team. It was a tough match, the score of which was 34 – 19. Then our second match was against Sainik School. The team was one of the toughest competitors. In the first half we gave good defence and the score was 22-26. We lagged only by 4 points but soon the game went to another level and the opposition overshadowed our points on the scoreboard and we finally lost the match by 31 - 40. We learnt many new things in this tournament and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. It was a great learning experience for our team and we came to know our strengths and drawbacks. It gave us a good exposure and motivated us to play better in the future.

Shubham Agarwal
XII (Science)

CBSE Cluster IV Athletics Meet

Venue: Bihar

CBSE Cluster IV Athletic Meet was organized by DAV Public School Gaya, Bihar from 9th of October to 11th of October. Events were held in the Magadha University Stadium. Around 1500 students participated from 79 schools of U.P and Bihar. 22 students from our school participated in the different events of athletics. It was a wonderful experience interacting with the children of various schools and also challenging to compete with good athletes. We learnt many things from the performances of other athletes. This competition was held in three categories Under14, Under16 and Under19 for boys and girls. Shivam Sinha won a gold medal in 100m. He finished the race in 11.76 seconds. He also secured the fourth position in the 200m race. The best part was that all the participants qualified the heats and played till the finals. Amarnath Singh won a gold medal in ‘Shot Put Throw’ in the under 16 category. Shabdita Singh also won a silver medal in ‘Shot Put Throw’ in the under 16 category. Rizwan Ahmad secured fourth position in 100m race in the under 19 category.

Ranveer Singh finished 6th in the under19 category, in 800m and 1500m race, out of 59 participants. Satyanshu secured 4th position in the under 14 ‘Shot Put Throw’. The performance of our school girls’ team was also appreciated. Kritika and Pragati secured 4th position in under 16, 200m and 800m race respectively. Our relay teams also performed very well. All teams qualified the heats and played in the finals. Our boy’s under 19 team secured 4th position in 4X100m relay race. We hope to perform well in the future and keep participating in such events.

Rizwan Ahmad
XII (Science)

CBSE Volleyball Cluster IV (Boys)

Venue: Ara, Bihar

With the blessings of God and the best wishes of our well wishers, our school volleyball teams proceeded to play CBSE cluster IV volleyball 2010, organised by DAV Public school, Ara Bihar. With our team manager Puran Sir, Amrita Ma’am and coach Rupesh Sir, we proceeded to the railway station at 8 am, but unfortunately the train was delayed by 7 hours. Finally our train arrived at 2 pm and we headed towards our destination. We reached there at 1 am. We were completely exhausted and slept with the hope of winning our first match which was scheduled for the next day. There were 42 schools from UP and Bihar which participated in the competition. The opening ceremony was a grand affair organized by the host school, after which we played our first match against Maa Matriyani Public School, Ara, Bihar. We defeated our opposing team with a big difference in the score with the help of our players like Mohit Agarwal, Abdul Waheed and Ashutosh Shukla. We celebrated the day of our victory with cold drink and pastries. The next day, unfortunately, did not bring the same happiness for us as we lost to a strong opposing team after giving them a tough fight. There was stiff competition amongst the final teams of Varanasi between Sun Beam, Rohania and Swami Harsewanand Public School. We were astounded by their smashes and dodging in the match. Sun Beam, Rohania won the match..

We came back to our school with a hope of winning Volleyball Cluster IV, 2011. We learnt a lot from this tournament. This will be an unforgettable cluster for me because this is my last year in school. I will never forget the moments we enjoyed togetheras a team.

Rahul Sinha

CBSE Cluster IV Table Tennis Tournament

Venue: Lucknow Public Collegiate Ruchi Khand

From 22nd to 24th October, Lucknow Public Collegiate Ruchi Khand I, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow organized a CBSE Cluster IV Table Tennis tournament. In this tournament, 34 schools participated. It was held in different categories like under 14, under 16 and under 19, both singles as well as team championship. From our school, the following students participated – Harsh Singhal, Pratyush Jalan, Saurabh Sonkar and Aagman Singh in the under 14 category; Shivam Jalan, Rohan Dubey, Aaditya P. Singh and Akshay Singh in under 16; Ram Raitani, Shyam P. Singh, Shubham Agarwal and Snehil Goel in Under 19 category. Our under 19 and under 16 teams gave their best performance but could not win. In the team championship, our under 19 boys played against DPS Bhagalpur and won by 3-1. Our under 19 boys’ team had their second match with Sumitra Modern School, Sitapur and did a splendid job by winning the match by 3-1. On 23rd October, they played semi finals with DPS Danapur, Patna but unfortunately, we could not win as the opponent team was excellent and we secured the second place in the nationals. In singles, Pratyush Jalan from under 14 category, Shivam Jalan from under 16 category and Ram Raitani from under 19 category participated. In under 19 category singles, Ram Raitani played for the semi finals against DPS Danapur Patna but could not win. Everyone gave their best performance. We hope to perform better in future events.

Ram Raitani (Captain-Table Tennis)

Sports Meet 2010

Venue: Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School

From 24th October to 26th October, 2010, a sports meet was organized by our school for the first time. In this sports meet, many games like volleyball, table tennis, football, basketball, badminton and chess etc., were organized. Under the girls’ volleyball category, there were seven school teams which participated ,like Delhi Public School, Lucknow Public School, SRMPS, New Way School, Central Academy, Rani Laxmi Bai, Vikas Nagar, Rani Laxmi Bai, Sector 14 and Jagran Public School. Due to this sports meet, we came to know our teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The chief guest of this sports meet was Mr. Ranveer Singh, who is an Arjuna awardee and ex-captain of the Indian Volleyball team.

In the volleyball event, our first match was on 24th October with Rani Laxmi Bai Vikas, Nagar. With the hard work put in by our team members, we won the match. Our second match was on 25th October with Jagran Public School and we won this match also and reached the finals. The final match was against Rani Laxmi Bai, Sector 14. We tried our level best but, unfortunately, we lost to a better team and we were the runners up team. It was a great and wonderful experience and we learnt a lot from this sports’ meet.

In table tennis under 19 open tournament team championship, four members played for our team, namely, Ram Raitani, Shivam Jalan, Aditya P. Singh and Rohan Dubey. In our first match we were pitched against Jagran Public School which we won comfortably. After that in the semi finals, we faced Central Academy, Indira Nagar was a tough match but we managed to sail through. In the finals, we were opposite DPS, Eldeco which is one of the best teams in Lucknow. We knew that the competition was going to be tough and so we were a little nervous. Our coach advised us to play calmly and we did so. Although we were unable to win the game, but we did give them a tough fight. This time we had to satisfy ourselves with a silver medal only, but we will try our best to grab the championship in the future.

Priya Singh and Ram Raitani

Late Caption Manoj Pandey Cup

Venue: UP Sainik School, Lucknow

Our team in the very first match defeated Colvin Taluqdars 5-0. In the second match we got BY against LPS Sahara State, Jankipuram. The third match was our semi final match against APS Nehru Road, Cantt. We lost the match 2-0.

Avinash Chaturvedi Interschool Football Tournament


Due to some technical reasons, in other words we can say that luck was not our side in this tournament. We lost the first match against Unity College in the tie breaker 4-5.

IInd Shri Ram Swaroop Inter School Football Tournament 2010

Venue: SRMPS, Lucknow

Total 8 teams took part in the tournament. Our first match was against RLB Sector-14, Indira Nagar Lucknow. We won it 3-0. We defeated Study Hall in the second match 3-0. In the finals, we tried our best but lost the match 1-3.

NOTE: Mohit Agarwal was declared the best player of the tournament for scoring 6 goals.

CBSE Cluster IV Inter School Football Tournament (2010 – 2011)

Venue: Awadh School, Lucknow

From 28th October to 1st November, 2010.
Total No. of Teams: 22
Matches were as follows:
SRMPS vs Army Public School, Allahabad (by)
SRMPS vs Study Hall, Lucknow (Won score 3-0)
SRMPS vs Avadh Public School (Won score 6-2)
SRMPS vs Sacred Heart, Lucknow (Lost 1-2)

The hardline match was against DAV School Varanasi and we emerged as the second runners up of cluster IV.

CBSE Cluster IV Inter School Basketball Tournament (2010 – 2011)

Venue: RLB Sector 14, Indira Nagar

Total Teams: 24

SRMPS girls played their first match against Lucknow Public Collegiate. SRMPS Girls won the match 18-6. They played their second match against DPS Eldeco which they lost 22-32. This was the first time for SRMPS girls when they played any inter school basketball tournament at any level so we can say that it was a praiseworthy effort.

Puran Singh
(Sports Teacher)

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