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Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.
Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.

Acknowledgement 2023-2024

Acknowledgement 2023-2024
Acknowledgement 2023-2024

A Note to Parents

  • Parents are requested to check their child’s diary daily and remarks made by the teacher should be seen and countersigned regularly.
  • When communicating with the Principal the parents are requested to mention the name, class and section of their ward.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the School authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline and by following the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Parents are expected to regularly attend the Parent-Teacher meeting that are arranged from time to time.
  • Parents or guardians are not permitted to see their ward or interview the teachers during school hours, without the permission of the Principal.
  • Parents are requested to notify the school of any changes in their address or telephone numbers.
  • Parents must not ask for leave for their ward or make any social engagements or medical appointments during school hours.
  • Parents must not send the child to school in case of illness or any infectious disease. A leave application must be submitted in such cases. A child returning to school after suffering from an infection or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s fitness certificate.
  • Parents must carefully read all written material / circulars sent to them.
  • Parents must ensure that their child takes active interest in school activities and participates in them.
  • Parents are expected to show a positive attitude towards the school and teachers especially in the presence of the student.
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